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World Music CD Reviews Jazz

Mario Adnet

By Ernest Barteldes
Published September 28, 2007

Jobim Jazz
Adventure Music

The late maestro Antonio Carlos Jobim would have been 80 this year. Brazilian guitarist and arranger Adnet celebrates the date with brass-oriented arrangements of standards and unfamiliar tunes. The first track to catch your attention is the baião/ maracatu blend “Quebra Pedra,” which features fine accordion work from Marcos Nimrichter. Electric guitarist Ricardo Silveira contributes an accomplished solo on “Tema Jazz.” The main theme to “Surfboard” is played by seven-string guitarist Marcello Gonçalves as well as and flautists Paulo Guimarães and Andrea Ernest Dias, and both Adnet and Gonçalves show their improvisational chops throughout. Vocalist Joyce contributes wordless vocals to the rarely recorded “Paulo Vôo Livre,” which appeared on the soundtrack of the 1983 movie Gabriela. This disc is a great document of some overlooked works by one of Brazil’s most important composers, and a fitting tribute to the master.