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Fania Records Pays Tribute To Celia Cruz, The Legendary Queen Of Salsa
Published September 26, 2007

By Paul Dryden

Label issues the definitive Celia Cruz retrospective, A Lady and Her Music, Azucar! , featuring all the landmark performances that turned her into the ultimate Latin diva.

Fania Records announced the release of the long-awaited two disc Celia Cruz collection: A Lady and Her Music, Azucar!, now available nationwide in stores.

A Lady and Her Music— Azucar! is a Fania compilation comprising all the landmark performances that turned Celia into the ultimate Latin diva. From her hard-hitting singing with the Tito Puente orchestra, to her collaborations with Johnny Pacheco and the Fania All Stars, the Grammy Award-winning Celia Cruz was without a doubt one the most talented singers to ever grace the stage. Certified classics like the rock oriented “Gracia Divina” (Divine Grace,) along with the bombastic “Químbara” are digitally restored and given their due airing in A Lady and Her Music.

“Celia Cruz left an indelible mark in the music world,” said Giora Breil, Senior Vice-President of Marketing at Fania. “When people think of Latin music, they immediately think of the great Celia and her exciting, wonderful voice. So it’s really a great privilege to offer the world a definitive selection of the gems that made world-class music icon.”

Sassy, elegant and gifted, Celia Cruz was often described as the ultimate Latin chanteuse. Everything about Celia was majestic especially her vivacious voice, ornate gowns and buoyant personality. As one of the top Latin superstars in the world, the incandescent Celia Cruz produced some of the most groundbreaking music of the 20th century.

Celia Cruz created great music until passing away in 2003. This collection pays proper tribute to the golden era that cemented Celia’s superstar status.