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Last Minute Changes Are Made To Line-up For Chicago’s World Music Festival
Published September 14, 2007

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Gypsy music group Romashka (pictured) will be replacing Romano Drom in the World Music Festival: Chicago 2007.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the group Romano Drom will not be performing as part of World Music Festival: Chicago 2007 as previously scheduled.

The Festival is excited to announce the Chicago debut of the NYC-based Gypsy music group Romashka. Romashka will perform the following 2 concerts (previously scheduled for Romano Drum):

Ismail Lumanovski & The New York Gypsy All-Stars

Saturday, September 15, 8 pm
Old Town School of Folk Music
4544 N. Lincoln Ave.
$15 all ages

Romashka Hazmat Modine
Sunday, September 16, 8 pm
3855 N. Lincoln Ave.
$12 21 and over

Romashka draws its repertoire primarily from Romanian and Russian Gypsies with hints from Spain, Turkey and beyond. Roma is the Gypsy word for the Gypsy people, and Mashke is Yiddish for liquor. This is party music that burns in the belly! These performances will feature the spellbinding Dorit, showcasing her voice and her award-winning bellydance talents, along with a multifaceted mob of musicians who bring years of Klezmer, jazz and rock experience to their Gypsy music journey. Roaming from cafes and all-night jams, to apartment parties and subway stops, the band quickly catapulted to pulsating clubs and underground parties, drawing a loyal following. A driving force in the burgeoning New York gypsy and Balkan music scene, Romashka has held monthly dance parties at the infamous Mehanata (the Bulgarian Bar) and Maia Meyhane, and has also performed at the legendary Knitting Factory, the BAM Café, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and numerous outdoor festivals in the region.