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Tartit's Fall U.S. Tour Cancelled
Published September 4, 2007

Due to reasons unclear, the popular Malian desert blues group has to postpone their highly-anticipated U.S. tour dates.

The Malian group Tartit has cancelled its entire U.S. fall tour with hopes to re-schedule the dates in the future. While the cause is not visa problems, the reason for the cancellation is unclear.

With its earthy vocals and hypnotic rhythmic music from the Sahara desert area around Timbuktu in Mali, Tartit's music is a glimpse into nomadic Kel Tamashek (Tuareg) life. The ensemble, performs haunting, trance-inducing music filled with intense call-and-response female vocals with accompaniment on tinde (drum), imzad (one-string fiddle) and tehardent (lute). The songs, both traditional and contemporary, deal with love, peace, exile, political events, and Kel Tamashek culture.

The word Tartit means union, symbolizing the link that exists among these musicians. The band was formed in a refugee camp during the Tuareg uprising in the early '90s. These men and women of the desert, in their colourful attire, express themselves primarily through their music. They cultivate their Tuareg traditions wherever they go, whether they are in exile, refugee camps or on tour.

For the Tuareg, music is neither a profession, nor a sign of some exceptional trait. It is, quite simply, the identity of a nomad people that seeks to live freedom, without borders with the meaning of the bands name.

The following are the cancelled dates:
9/19 & 9/20 - Chicago World Music Festival - Chicago, IL
9/21 - Cedar Cultural Center - Minneapolis, MN
9/25 - World Live Cafe - Philadelphia, PA
9/26 - Iron House - Northampton, MA
9/27 - University of Rhode Island - Kingston, RI
9/28 - Museum of Fine Arts - Boston, MA
9/29 - Symphony Space - New Yprk, NY