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Tackhead Launches Sharehead Album Project
Published August 9, 2007

Tackhead is almost set to release the group's first original recording in 17 years. But not without the help of fans.

Tackhead is on the verge of producing a new album featuring covers of songs and the best Tackhead tracks from their archive. Having produced and recorded for other major artists for years (artists like Seal, Madonna, Miles Davis, Peter Gabriel, and African Bambaata to name a few), this album marks the group's first original recording in 17 years. In order to avoid working with major record labels and corporations, Tackhead seeks to create the world's first record production where fans and supporters join forces to fund the production through their Sharehead project.

Guitarist Skip McDonald, bassist Doug Wimbish, drummer Keith LeBlanc, and vocalist Bernard Fowler are giving members of the general public the opportunity to become an official Sharehead member and to help fund the project thought the purchase shareblocks at 150 EUR (205 USD) each. Sharehead aims to have the backing of 150 shareholders, which is the minimum needed to swing the project into gear.

Sharehead membership perks include five copies of the finished product CD, which is a strictly limited edition effort with special packaging. The shareholder's name listed in the official project booklet. Members will also receive an official commemoratory document for taking part in funding the world's first Sharehead album project. In seven months the album will be available worldwide on the internet only to download via iTunes.

The Sharehead project was originally announced 11 years ago. When the group gave birth to the idea of starting this special undertaking, they had originally planned to use the internet as a primary means of outreach, but were forced to put a temporary halt on its development due to unfortunate circumstances. Despite this, Tackhead hopes that, with the following of their loyal fans, this project will get off the ground and feels confident that they will reach their goal of 150 shareholders.