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A Cuban Family Affair
Published July 23, 2007

By Teena Moseley

Legendary Cuban jazz pianist Bebo Valdés and his prolific son Chucho have for the first time joined up for a tour and a full-length collaborative album set for release this October.

After nearly half a century virtually spent apart, at 88 and 66 years of age legendary Cuban jazz pianists Bebo Valdés and his son Chucho have joined up for two firsts: a joint tour and a full-length collaborative album. Bebo and Chucho played together for the 2000 Latin jazz documentary Calle 54 and have now teamed up for a tour of Spain and a currently untitled album. The album is set for release this October on jazz label Calle 54 Records, co-owned by Miami's Nat Chediak who has previously produced recordings and concerts with Bebo.

The world renowned father and son pair finished recording the album July 10. Their tour, which began July 6 in Tenerife, will end August 5, passing through eight cities including Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, and finally ending in Huesca. The tour also features yet another family musician, none other than jazz vocalist Mayra Caridad Valdés, who has toured with her brother Chucho before and has been making a name for herself with live performances and her debut album La Diosa del Amor (released in 2001).