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Keith Hudson And The Soul Syndicate
Published July 2, 2007

Nuh Skin Up
Pressure Sounds

The final batch of material from the mixes of Keith Hudson’s From One Extreme To Another vocal album, a collection started with Pick A Dub and Brand, Nuh Skin Up closes out Pressure Sounds’ offerings by the enigmatic dub-head. Nuh Skin Up is an album shrouded in mystery. It was released in 1979, but no one is sure where or when it was mixed and it was apparently packaged in plain cardboard that was rubber-stamped “Nah Skin Up.” Although Hudson’s vocals can take a little getting used to, his dub is held together by quality production and good arrangements. “Troubles” is an extremely ethereal track complete with lingering organ hooks, a touch of vocals and syncopated guitar lines. “Nuh Skin Up Dub,” “Mercy” and “Bad Things Dub” all follow the same pattern of intro vocals and back-end dub, but suffer from an undistinguished consistency. “No Commitment” offers a livelier dub experience that unfortunately does not carry throughout the entire album.