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World Music CD Reviews Reggae & Caribbean


By Matt Scheiner
Published June 25, 2007

Do Good
Minor7Flat5 Records

As modern conscious reggae continues to expand, there’s no question that Turbulence is one of the movement’s most spirited and talented leaders. Rootically layering one drop styling over traditional rhythms and melodies, Do Good is a well-crafted map of where reggae is headed. Turbulence balances a complete mix of militant dancehall tunes with sweet, melodic conscious tracks. “Pursue” offers thick splattering horn lines over one drop with a touch of Turbulence’s edginess. The album’s title track follows the same pattern, creating a sweet and sour mix of gruff and melody. Other highlights include “Freedom Train,” featuring Luciano—his soothing vocals bring Turbulence’s phrasing alive. The more aggressive tracks include “We Deserve,” and “Move On,” but “Next Flight” and “Give Thanx” roll like traditional reggae tunes. Do Good was recorded and produced at Tuff Gong Mixing Lab by Brotherman, with the ever-lingering spirit and presence of Bob.