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World Music CD Reviews Reggae & Caribbean

Michael Rose

By Jeremy Sanchez
Published June 22, 2007

Babylon A Fight

Certainly best known for his work with the legendary roots reggae band Black Uhuru, penning some of their finest material, Michael Rose’s solo catalogue also warrants high praise. Babylon A Fight holds true to oft-covered topics, exploring ganja issues (“Sweet Sensimenia,” “Smoke De Herb”) and expectedly focusing on a Rastafarian message while discussing social qualms (“No Heart,” “Babylon A Fight,” “Everyday A Gun”). Providing the music that will help rank this album among the best reggae releases of the year are The Agrovators and Mafia & Fluxy. It’s rare that an artist departs a successful band and discovers that being alone is as good as it looked. Michael Rose’s modern writings probably won’t become as broadly recognized as his Black Uhuru heavyweights, but Babylon A Fight truly deserves a slot near the Uhuru in any CD collection, because Rose’s solo material is simply good enough to share that common space.