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Evren Ozan

By Tom Orr
Published June 22, 2007

Ozan Music

Evran Ozan’s long hair and angelic face might make you think he stepped out of a '70s boy band. Or even that he’s a she. Truth is, this California teen possesses a mastery of the Native American flute that, despite his tender years, puts him in the same league as older whizzes like R. Carlos Nakai and Robert Tree Cody. Alluvia takes a familiar fusion approach that’s equal parts traditional, global, jazz and New Age; and while no new ground is broken, the music is consistently engaging and often downright brilliant. A dozen instrumental pieces, graced by varying amounts of acoustic guitar, percussion, bass and keyboards, move unpretentiously from playful to pensive with Ozan’s flute both leading and stepping back to add to the ensemble energy. Particularly sharp are the tightly wound Zimbabwean inflections of “Alpenglow” and the reggae pulse that propels “The Climb,” though every track shines.