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World Music CD Reviews Middle East & North Africa


By John Kuhlman
Published June 22, 2007

Boom Shinga Ling
Copeland International Arts

This is the third album from Necmi Cavli, a Turkish-born musician who has lived in England for the last couple of decades (see feature this issue). Perhaps best known for his Bellydancing Breakbeats album, which brought the beats forward for the current generation of bellydancing enthusiasts, his latest release creates a similarly danceable electronic simulation of Middle Eastern rhythms. The drum programming comes in two basic flavors here, a double time camel-gallop and a slower reptilian dancehall shuffle, but Cavli is able to temper the monotony that invariably comes with such inflexible rhythms by layering them with a number of instrumental and vocal embellishments: the ney, violin, and duduk all appear on different tracks, as well as the refreshing upfront dancehall raps of MC Aktar Ahmed. Obviously not the most groundbreaking cultural hybrid of the season, but certainly good enough to put some boom into your shinga ling.