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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America

Kassin +2

By Matt Cibula
Published June 22, 2007

Video Arts

This record completes a loose trilogy by a trio of talented and witty young Brazilians who take turns in the lead role. Like Music Typewriter and Sincerely Hot (credited to Moreno +2 and Domenico +2, respectively), Futurismo turns traditional Brazilian songforms inside out by combining them with subtle electronics, experimental attitudes, and a wicked sense of humor. At first, Kassin’s featured disc seems like it might be the weakest of the three -- “Tranquilo” and “O Seu Lugar” barely register a pulse at all -- but things start livening up after that. “Esquecido” swings, “Ponto Final” rides a menacing surf hook and some truly strange backing vocals, and “Água” goes with a Hawaiian Afrobeat vibe. Songs that use typewriters as percussion (like the funky bossa nova “Enamorados”) are always great, and “Simbioticos” rocks in both abstract and concrete ways. Instead of being the worst, this is the best of the three albums. [editor’s note: this album will soon be available domestically on Luaka Bop]