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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America

Carla Hassett

By Doug Merlino
Published June 22, 2007

Quero Saber
Paulista Records

Born in Brazil, raised in the U.S. and now based in Los Angeles, Carla Hassett has sung background for acts ranging from Sergio Mendez to REO Speedwagon. An ear for hooks is apparent on her first full-length album, which features 11 breezy, Brazilian-flavored tracks sung in English and Portuguese. With touches of samba, bossa, Bahia as well as a lot of straight-ahead pop, this disc sounds custom-designed to play in your local coffeehouse on a summer afternoon. Hassett, who also plays guitar and programs some of the beats, has a smoky voice and eclectic taste in songs: Mike Patton guests on a bossa-fied and bilingual take on the Beatles “Julia”; “Mulato Casado” and “Abusou” are energetic bursts of samba; and the choruses of “Over You” and “Not Real Love” sound ripped from the Christina Aguilera songbook. While casting a wide net, Hassett manages to synthesize it all into a fun, lightweight, sunny album.