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World Music CD Reviews Europe


By Matt Scheiner
Published June 11, 2007

Wonders Of The World

The Internationals, all the way from Belgium, do a decent job of capturing the vintage ska sound they’re trying to emulate (imitating the Slackers in the process). Although ska bands were ubiquitous throughout the ’90s, what made the “third wave” so appealing were the points of difference the groups had to offer—Internationals’ Wonders Of The Word doesn’t really provide anything new. With that said, there are some spirited jams on the album “Theme From ‘Red Beauty Saloon’” is a fun arrangement with rock riffs and blazing organ, as is “Fuzzy” and “Need A Need.” Wonders Of The World is almost entirely packed with instrumentals (the tracks featuring vocals are not even worth mentioning), some of which are put together with heavy Afro-beat horns, which is a nice change—but ska can get repetitive, and the Internationals don’t do enough to mix things up.