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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America

Caetano Veloso

By Tad Hendrickson
Published June 11, 2007


Leave it to Caetano Veloso to give his 40th album the energy and spirit of a promising debut by a hot new artist. Seemingly working in the opposite direction of his lush 2005 album of standards titled An American Sound, here he works in a three-piece rock band (playing guitar, bass, drums and keys) and includes his talented son Moreno as co-producer (along with electric guitarist Pedro Sá). The songs are short, taunt, terse, inventive and sometimes overflowing with messy squeals of feedback. Those looking for something more on the sexy tip will certainly dig the urgent “Porquê?” and moody “O Herói,” but the skiffle-drum driving “Outro” and the aptly named “Rocks” hit like bracing slaps in the face. No word is given on why this living legend decided to get all riled up, but it seems that he’s not going to go gentle into that good night.