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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America

La Factoría

By Phil Freeman
Published June 11, 2007

Nuevas Metas

La Factoría is a production team from Panama, producing reggaeton tracks with a dash more melody than usual for the form, the better to suit the two teenaged-sounding girls chosen to front the project. They had a major 2003 hit with “Todavia,” and now they’re back with this album and its first single, “Dale.” The track has the heavy, machine beat one expects from reggaeton, but there’s a great salsa piano hook and horns backing the two female vocalists on the chorus, and some cool electronics on the verses—it’s a very well-put-together track, clearly done with just as much care as the girls’ cover photos. Another high point, “Déjame Vivir,” is a frantic soca track with a crazed guest rapper—the girls serve as his hype partners, keeping the dancefloor packed. They also try their hand at crooning on gloopy ballad “Moriré,” with its delicate acoustic guitar and shimmering synths