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Irie Time

By Phil Freeman
Published June 11, 2007

It’s About Time
Inherent Music

This multiracial, Texas-based group has three prior discs to its credit, but one was a dub version of their debut and another was a live album, so this is really only their second batch of new studio material. And while it’s got 10 tracks, five of them are dub versions of the other five, so let’s call it an EP. Nonetheless, it’s a quality reggae release, offering more than one might expect—the steel drums at the end of “Won’t You See” are a particularly pleasant surprise. Guitarist and lead vocalist Scottie McDonald sings soulfully, but with an accent that’s more American than Jamaican, and the group’s melodies owe as much to the Police as to Junior Murvin, so there’s definitely plenty here to please Rastafarians and Trustafarians alike. And their dubs, while somewhat glossy, are dense and meditative. It’s time, indeed, for Irie Time to graduate to broader success.