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Bob Brozman

By Jeff Tamarkin
Published May 31, 2007

Live In Germany

Bob Brozman is a virtuoso on the National metal-bodied resonator guitar who, over his long career, has released a string of solo albums as well as collaborations with musicians from such locales as Japan, India, Papua New Guinea, Reunion Island and Hawaii. His recent release Blues Reflex found him revisiting the primal stylings of 1920s Mississippi blues pioneer Charley Patton, and when Brozman’s solo tour stopped in Köln, Germany in December 2005, he had the blues on his mind. Brozman’s slide and fingerpicking guitar work is, in a word, stupefying; his singing is less so. Despite the blues-centric program, Brozman can’t help but incorporate some aspects of his vast world music experience. “Guitar Anthropology” is a “tour of the world in five minutes through the medium of open tuning” that takes the listener from Hawaii to South Africa to Madagascar and finally Calcutta. And though Brozman’s French-to-English translation of the Edith Piaf signature “La Vie En Rose” probably lost most of the German club audience, they were likely paying closer attention to his flying fingers than his voice anyway.