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Ghettoblaster Arrives June 12th On JDUB Records
Published May 21, 2007

A call to arms - or really - a call away from arms, to set the tone for this thoughtful, yet ridiculous album by Socalled.  Religious systems are fair game, as are crazy collaborations.

In this thoughtful yet ridiculous album by Socalled, religious systems are fair game, as are crazy collaborations like 92 year old lounge lizard Irving Fields and underground MC C-Rayz Walz, or James Brown trombonist Fred Wesley and a choir of Hasidic children.

So what better a way to kick off Ghettoblaster than to go on a cruise with a bunch of old Jewish people and get the prestigious National Film Board to film it?

Montreal filmmaker Garry Beitel tapped Canadian hip-hop beat maker Socalled (aka Josh Dolgin) to star in a feature length documentary based on his journey down the Dneiper River in the Ukraine, on the first ever Klezmer cruise.  From Kiev to Odessa, Socalled shares his love of music and culture with the 150 other Klezmer enthusiasts on the cruise in the aptly titled, The Socalled Movie.  Along the way, an additional camera crew documents the unique experience of filming on the ship on the daily updated video weblog, b
uilding hip-hop out of Klezmer on the open seas - top that Kanye!

Upon completion of filming, Socalled arrives in the United States for a handful of live dates across the country (see Tour Dates section).  In Los Angeles, he'll be joined on stage by gospel singer Doris Glaspie, who is also featured on track four from Ghettoblaster entitled "You Are Never Alone."