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The Wailers Embark On World Tour And Introduce Their Newest Member, Yvad
Published May 8, 2007

The Wailers will stop in the U.S. Brazil, U.K., Spain, and Turkey, and will be releasing a new album in the fall.

The Wailers are the most celebrated reggae outfit of all time having sold over 250 millions records worldwide. No other reggae group has so many well-known hits to draw upon, whilst their reputation as a live act is unchallenged after performing to an estimated 24 million people around the world.

The Wailers have now unearthed a major talent in the shape of Yvad. A gifted singer/songwriter from Jamaica, whose youthful good looks and memorable songs complement the Wailers' own timeless material to striking effect. Inspired by musicians like Bob Marley and the Wailers, he embraces Rastafarism as his songs increasingly deal with universal themes.

Yvad's presence in the Wailers has brought freshness and vitality to an already celebrated line-up, including original members Aston "Family Man" Barrett - the king of reggae bass players - and Al Anderson, who's played and recorded with Lauryn Hill, Ben Harper, and James Brown, as well as Marley and Tosh.

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