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Tito Puente: When the Drums Are Dreaming
Published May 4, 2007

Josephine Powell’s When the Drums are Dreaming is a new biography about the life of Latin music legend Tito Puente.

Tito Puente: When the Drums Are Dreaming (now available through AuthorHouse) is the life story of Ernesto “Tito” Puente, the legendary Latin music king. This entertaining and revealing book by Josephine Powell, Puente’s former dance partner and artistic advisor, recounts the fascinating and inspirational life of the man once referred to as the “greatest Latin musician of the twentieth century.”

Powell, a gold medal ballroom dancer, has been a presenter and judge for the Feather Awards, the U.S. Open National Swing Dance Competition and the National Salsa Dancing competitions. She is a Cuban music historian, and a lecturer/consultant on ballroom music and dancing, as well as in Latin American music. She was a consultant on the motion pictures “Salsa,” “Havana” and the “Mambo Kings,” whose soundtrack received a Grammy nomination. She is a regularly featured musicologist on radio stations KXLU and KPFK in Los Angeles. In 1990, Powell obtained a star for Puente on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Now retired from the entertainment industry, Powell is a successful Realtor in Beverly Hills, and the President of Pan Americana Enterprises Inc. Tito Puente: When the Drums are Dreaming is the author’s first book.