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World Music CD Reviews World Fusion

Various Artists

By Robert Kaye
Published April 27, 2007

Globalista Radio: Sensual Sonores
Mullata Records

Don’t be hoodwinked by this compilation’s retro-looking cover; it isn’t a re-release of yesteryear’s chanteuses. It’s a contemporary sampling of artists/DJs now working the Big Apple’s ethno dance/lounge scene. As with some electronica projects, a certain sameness in some of the arrangements unfortunately ends up overshadowing the novelty of the undulating textures and lead vocals, as is the case with the opening track, “Do the Thang Thang.” Happily, not all songs are as repetitive. Several genres serve as resources, including Roma, Brazilian samba, French pop, Indian bhangara, Flamenco and others. Some tracks blur geographical boundaries, like “Girafa,” featuring the vocals of Karina, which draws from several traditions. This diverse amalgamation of artists and influences would have been better served with more extensive liner notes, artists’ and producers’ info, etc. Despite the above criticisms, though, this CD makes for several fun spins in your player. It’s not bad for dancing, either.