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Punk TV

By John Kuhlman
Published April 27, 2007

Punk TV
AeroCCCP Recordings

The latest release from the Brooklyn-based AeroCCCP Recordings labels, Punk TV is the eponymous debut of a Siberian “indie-electronic” trio of bass, synths and programmed percussion. It’s a generally appealing set of middleweight electro-pop that finds a comfortable middle ground between simple, mid-tempo dance grooves and more structured, four-on-the-floor goth-pop song forms. The lyrics are in English, of the lost-in-the-city type, and while it’s not a genre that generally lends itself to greatness, the band does manage to ring a fair number of textural changes on the formula over the course of the album. Inexorably though, the static rhythms do begin to wear and the listener could certainly be excused if he begins to feel, after several tracks, as if he is opening a small wooden Chemical Brothers doll, finding a smaller, similar doll inside of it, and so on and so forth until the long day wears into night.