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Erin Mckeown

By Paula Kirman
Published April 27, 2007

Sing You Sinners

The cover of Sing You Sinners is laid out like a ’30s or ’40s LP, complete with faux wear and tear and monochromatic color scheme. It’s obviously intended ironically, as McKeown presents a number of blues, jazz, and early pop standards by the likes of Cole Porter and H. Arlen. However, there is nothing “old” about McKeown’s arrangements and presentations. Sing You Sinners is classic Americana for a modern audience. The Massachusetts-based singer breathes new life into these classic tunes with mostly acoustic arrangements and fast phrasing. Her energy and spontaneity is obvious as she puts her own touches on Judy Garland’s “Get Happy,” Cole Porter’s “Just One Of Those Things” and the timeless “Paper Moon.” One of McKeown’s own compositions, “Melody,” fits right in with the rest, sounding as authentic as anything ever sung by Bing Crosby or Tony Bennett. McKeown proves that something old can become new again.