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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America

Ricky Martin

By Paula Kirman
Published April 27, 2007


Unplugged, part of the MTV series where a star strips down (musically speaking) in front of an intimate, live audience, shows a more serious side to Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin. The girls are still audibly screaming, but there is no “Shake Your Bon Bon” here at all. All of the songs are in Spanish, and include some of his greatest hits such as “Maria,” “Vuelve” and “La Bomba.” The acoustic arrangements really work, bringing out some nuances in the songs that get lost in Martin’s glossy productions. The three new songs are of interest, too. However, the general sonic minimalism lets sameness set in as the album progresses. Longtime Ricky Martin fans will eat this up, no doubt. People who never went for him in the first place most likely still won’t, even though Unplugged is his most artistically profound recording to date and probably the deepest he’ll ever get.