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The Frankenstein Consort Featuring Erik Lindgren

By Robert Kaye
Published April 27, 2007

Classical A-Go-Go

The amorphous genre marketed as “Classical crossover” has certainly been a tree ripe for the plucking, bringing to fruition hundreds of talented performers and composers. The Frankenstein Consort is a prime example, featuring skillful musicianship and creative compositions and arrangements, many of which were scored by keyboardist Erik Lindgren. Several of its songs could almost be classified (no pun there) as tone poems, clocking in around five minutes, and sometimes less than three. “Scenes From A” is a real ear-catcher, punctuated by drums and Philip Glass-like treatment of an Eastern-sounding mode. “Baroque A-Go-Go” borrows from elements of its namesake style with clever counterpoint, but also embraces modernity with its orchestration and thumping backbeat. The six songs penned by Raymond Scott are also compelling; check out the succinct but swinging “Twilight In Turkey.” Great work by all concerned. In the words of Oliver Twist: “Please, Sir, may I have some more?”