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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America

Gal Costa

By Tom Orr
Published April 27, 2007

Our Moments
DRG Brazil

One of the firebrands of the tropicalismo psychedelic pop movement in 1960s Brazil and a mighty musical force ever since, Gal Costa journeys way back with this sumptuous album, a collection of sambas, some composed as far back as 1928. The string-laden arrangements and overall subdued atmosphere may come across a bit innocuous on initial listening, but as subtle Bahian rhythms begin to unfold (bursting fully forth by the concluding medley of Noel Rossa songs from the ’30s) and Costa’s 60-year-old voice lets loose in strong and sensual tones, all is well. Subtle foreshadowing of the bossa nova style that came after the creation of most of the songs here is evident in Costa’s intimately jazzy phrasing and the corresponding swing of her superb band. Don’t count Our Moments among the abundant crop of cutting edge music coming out of Brazil nowadays, but by all means count it essential nonetheless.