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World Music CD Reviews Jazz

John Taylor

By Robert Kaye
Published April 27, 2007

Angel Of The Presence
Cam Jazz

British jazz pianist John Taylor and cohorts have fashioned a highly conversational, intimate “trialogue” amongst themselves, and we listeners are privy to those conversations. Using the classic jazz piano trio line-up, Taylor is joined by Swedish bassist Palle Danielsson and U.K. drummer Martin France. Danielsson and France both play with understated panache, which allows Taylor plenty of room to build lyrical melodic lines that ebb and flow. While some may choose to play this as background music, astute listening reveals that there’s plenty to concentrate on. One could posit that jazz, as one of America’s indigenous music forms, has migrated across the globe, and hence could be considered a form of “world music.” It’s a broad utilization of the term that some, this reviewer included, wouldn’t consistently support. However, the obvious skill of these musicians and the great songs they’ve composed/improvised within render semantic quibbles moot.