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Nickel Creek

By Paula Kirman
Published April 27, 2007

Reasons Why (The Very Best)
Sugar Hill

Nickel Creek began as a bluegrass-playing brother on guitar and vocals, sister on violin and vocals, and friend on mandolin. Sara and Sean Watkins and Chris Thile got their professional start playing a pizza joint in their native California, before gaining an international reputation as one of the most innovative acoustic bands around. Three albums and numerous tours later, the threesome is still respected for its high-level musicianship and original sound. Reasons Why is a compilation of some of the best tracks from the band’s three studio albums. In addition, there are two rare live performances, both recorded in 2000, and a DVD of all of the band’s videos, making this a great one-stop collection for both fans and newcomers alike. It also serves as the ideal career summation, as Nickel Creek is going on hiatus after their 2007 tour. This should keep the musical memories alive until the band returns.