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Sally Nyolo And The Original Bands Of Yaoundé

By Paul-Emile Comeau
Published April 27, 2007

Studio Cameroon

After achieving considerable success with her four solo albums, and briefly as a member of Zap Mama, Sally Nyolo returned to her homeland on a noble quest. She set up a modest recording studio in order to produce local talent, and the resulting album should allow the artists to bask in some degree of renown, however fleeting. Although the album has been released under Nyolo’s name, she only performs on three tracks, and is the sole vocalist on only one, but she had a hand in writing most of the music. The performers, who are unknown, bring a raw quality to the songs, which is not to say that the tracks don’t have a radio friendly quality to them. The artists’ ancestral roots are very much in evidence even though the music varies from an Afropop instrumental (“Marché Mokolo”) to an endearing tribute to a deaf sister (Bidjoï Sisters’ “Chantal”).