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World Music CD Reviews Europe


By James Rodgers
Published April 27, 2007

Scots Abroad

The McCalmans have been together for over four decades, and have recorded on Greentrax since the label’s inception 20 years ago. What keeps this Scottish folk trio fresh and interesting is the fact that their songs, while based on tradition, turn an eye toward the contemporary. On Scots Abroad, “Scotland’s Story” focuses on all the races and cultures that now make up Scotland, “Hooray for Hollyrood” is a scathingly funny commentary on the new Scottish Parliament, and “The Lying Truth” is about the current war in Iraq. A constant for the McCalmans has always been their amazing sense of humor, and their incredibly tight three-part harmonies continue to get stronger, or at least seem to, with each release. Only they know how much longer they will continue to tour and record, but based on the songs featured on Scots Abroad, another 20 years doesn’t seem entirely out of the question.