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World Music CD Reviews World Fusion

Scott Kinsey

By Robert Kaye
Published April 27, 2007

Abstract Logix

World jazz fusion heads rejoice! If you’re a fan of Weather Report or the Zawinul Project, you’ve found yet another album to groove you. Zawinul even served as an executive producer and wrote this disc’s liner notes. Kinsey, known for his long tenure as keyboardist for Tribal Tech, is accompanied by some of today’s best jazzers on his first solo album. Kinesthetics is full of contemporary world beats, funkafied jams, vocoder chants, percussive colors, playful swagger and top-flight musicianship. “This Is That” could have been ripped right from a Zawinul album; that’s a compliment. “Some Times I…” mixes blistering straight-ahead jazz with worldly timbres that romp in and out of the fray. Kinsey’s chops are formidable, as are his guest artists’: veterans guitarist Scott Henderson, bassist Jimmy Earl, drummer Kirk Covington and several others all impress, and relatively unknown cats like drummer Ronald Bruner, Jr. liven up tracks like “Shinjuku.”