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Hoven Droven

By Paula Kirman
Published April 27, 2007

Jumping At The Cedar

Hoven Droven’s name translates roughly to “Helter Skelter” in English, but their live show demonstrates the Swedish folk-rock group’s excellent musical performance. The band has been wowing audiences all over the world for 15 years. Jumping At The Cedar is Hoven Droven’s first live release, recorded at the Minneapolis Nordic Roots Festival. Acoustic and electric energy resounds through the guitars, fiddles, and even the saxophone on these 18 tracks on two CDs. With five studio albums, Hoven Droven had a lot of material from which to choose, from original compositions to traditional folk songs, and they bring their own unique combination of energy to their delivery. It’s an enthusiasm that is contagious, as can be heard in the reactions of the audience. Jumping At The Cedar is a great introduction to Hoven Droven’s music and a fan’s dream. It’s the closest thing to having the band in your living room.