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Manu Chao To Appear on The Henry Rollins Show
Published April 27, 2007

Chao will debut on U.S. television as the musical guest for Rollins’ late-night show on IFC.

Manu Chao will make his US TV debut on The Henry Rollins Show, which airs on IFC Fridays at 11PM EST / 8 PST. The Henry Rollins Show takes a straightforward approach to late-night talk. With one guest and one musical performance per week, Rollins engages entertainment figures such as Ben Stiller and Marilyn Manson in raw discussions on politics, world affairs, religion and pop culture in IFC’s uncut, uncensored environment. New this season, writer, actress and comedian Janeane Garofalo offers special commentary from her New York City apartment in a segment called ‘The Disquisition.’ In addition, The Henry Rollins Show will feature several television debuts from musical artists including Manu Chao, Peaches and The Mars Volta who will make their television debut with an unedited, unprecedented 13 minute musical performance. Each artist performs two songs: one for the episode and one to be featured on one week prior to the artist’s appearance.

At “The Bombshelter” recording studio, the Los Angeles based studio where Rollins’ musical performances tape, artists such as Ryan Adams and The Mars Volta are given the freedom to perform outside of the restrictions of the usual three-minute time slot that is common on most late night shows. Each artist will perform two songs: one for the episode and one to be featured on one week prior to the artist’s appearance.

“We work in a completely uncensored environment, without the constraints of conventional network programming. Hopefully, this allows for candor and spontaneity from our guests and perhaps makes our show somewhat different than the usual talk show. I don’t spend much time in front of a television. I try to make a show that I would watch,” says Rollins.

Andrew Johnston of Time Out New York calls last season of The Henry Rollins Show, “refreshing…invigorating…thoughtful...” Tim Goodman from the San Francisco Chronicle offers: “Rollins puts some grit into the normally soft interview/entertainment genre.” Meanwhile, TV Guide’s “The Hot List” says of Rollins: “Rocker. Poet. Pundit? The coolest talk show on the planet returns.”

Other projects for Rollins this year include performances with Janeane Garofalo and Marc Maron for six nights at New York’s Gramercy Theatre April 10-15, and six nights at the Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles April 24-29. “It’s Not A Play and There’s No Music” offers a triples-threat combination of uncompromising attitude, sharp commentary, engaging and provocative observations, and mystical ruminations.

Always outspoken and never dull, Rollins accepts dozens of speaking engagements each year and is known for bringing a raw energy to his talks and has won a Grammy Award for best spoken word record. A constant fixture on the Indie film scene, Rollins hosts a weekly radio show “Harmony In My Head” on Indie 103.1 FM in Los Angeles. Most recently, Rollins appeared in 2006’s Lies and Alibis with Steve Coogan and Rebecca Romijn and has a lead role in the Project Greenlight feature Feast. Meanwhile, the DVD from Henry’s 2004 tour ‘Shock and Awe’ and his latest written works, Roomanitarian and Fanatic! were released on the 2-13-61 imprint, a publishing company owned by Rollins which releases books, CDs and DVDs. In 2006, Rollins’ spoken word tour ’25 Years of Bullshit’ made its way through the U.S. and Europe.