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World Music CD Reviews Jazz

Stephan Crump

By Ernest Barteldes
Published April 27, 2007

Papillon Sounds

This NYC-based bassist blends various influences on what is mostly a jazz album. Accompanied by Liberty Ellman on acoustic guitar and Jamie Fox on electric, they explore Charlie Byrd territory with welcome results. “Tag” begins with Crump’s bassline, and he is soon joined by the other two, who are heard on separate channels (Ellman on the right, Fox on the left), until the listener’s ears are invaded by a flurry of sounds that seems a bit overwhelming at first but begins to feel right after one becomes adjusted. “Kudzu” is more experimental, with both guitarists improvising in a more abstract manner. “Rosie” goes into more bluesy territory, with the guitarists trading solos instead of dueling throughout the tune. The key track, “Atanarjuat,” takes the listener on a short prog-inspired journey.This is an album intended for open-minded listeners, and definitely not for jazz purists that might cringe at its eclecticism.