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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America

Various Artists

By Matt Cibula
Published April 24, 2007

Winds Of Brazil (Um Sopro De Brasil)
Adventure Music

This CD was recorded during a 2004 São Paulo concert that brought more than 200 wind-instrument players together for a week-long, well, blow-in. Each track features a primary soloist backed by an impeccable band and string section, and everything is as lovely and lyrical as one could hope for. Léa Freire’s “Tanto Canto” ebbs and flows gently, providing the perfect setting for her lengthy and logical flute solos; Paulo Moura’s piece “Mare Cheia” brings a rocking Arabic tempo so that he can wail away on his saxophone. It’s all very pretty and laid-back. But too many of the songs meander along, and the nine-minute “Kenoma (21 de Abril de 1500)” wastes half its space being merely beautiful—the real fun begins halfway through when it turns all spooky and ambient.