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Street Drum Corps

By Bruce Miller
Published April 24, 2007

Street Drum Corps

SDC is a scruffy young quartet of Los Angeles-based percussionists who bang on everything from buckets, chains, trashcan lids and oil containers. After only two years together, they've already put their mugs on shoe and drum gear ads and even appeared on a reality show. However, their music, a generic hip hop/techno hybrid, is a disappointment and this, their debut, features only 20 minutes of audio. The DVD is much longer and more impressive; it shows them molding sounds and beats in the studio, utilizing everything from electric sanders on cymbals to repeatedly smashed fuel containers upside dumpsters. Better still is a scene of the band in an L.A auto junk yard, fashioning grooves by slamming shut abandoned police car doors and beating on stacks of mufflers and hubcaps. Perhaps the music itself is secondary to the process, which, thanks to the video, proves itself nothing short of inspired.