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World Music CD Reviews Europe

Ana Moura

By Marty Lipp
Published April 24, 2007

World Village

A new generation of singers has revived fado within Portugal in recent years, and introduced the dark-blue genre to listeners around the world. The success of the revival has rested solidly on a handful of young singers, including Ana Moura. Moura has a lower voice than other rising stars, and she leans more toward quiet intimacy than high drama. On this, her second album, the 25-year-old singer channels the old world with an acoustic trio, including the characteristic jangly sound of the Portuguese guitar. The songs are beautiful, sad stories written in a graceful poetic language. In “Fado Menor,” she sings, “My eyes are two big candles/Sadly lighting up my face.” While the lyrics may seem dark, Moura keeps the songs from hitting bottom, exploring the textures of longing without wallowing in it. Ultimately, this exploration of sadness comes as a respite from the bright rush of our everyday lives.