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World Music CD Reviews North American

David Krakauer

By Marty Lipp
Published April 24, 2007

Label Bleu

David Krakauer has been around the klezmer revivalist scene long enough to be considered “old school,” yet his latest brings the music into the here and now. Teamed with his band Klezmer Madness! And the DJ So Called, Krakauer injects his clarinet’s cries into a dense tapestry of traditional instrumentation, electronics and samples. Most of the disc works because the music retains a strong klezmer flavor, even when jacked up with screaming electric guitars on “Turntable Pounding” and a funky rhythm section on “Moskovitz And Loops Of It.” Whether this is attractive or repellent probably depends on the listener’s tastes; either way, the juxtaposition is skillfully done. The quirky humor of “Bus Number 9999” wears thin on repeated listening, though the silliness of “Bubbemeises” works well. Krakauer and his crew throw Old World music into hyper-drive, and by and large they make it work.