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Motown Remixed Volume 2 Reinvents Classic Motown Tracks With Contemporary Latin Styles
Published April 6, 2007

The classic Motown Sound and modern Latin grooves come together with Motown Remixed Volume 2 (Motown/UMe).

Featuring 11 of Motown's biggest and most popular hits remixed by 10 of the most creative studio forces in contemporary Latin music, Motown Remixed Volume 2 is the latest innovative exploration of the timeless, genre-smashing nature of Motown's greatest artists and songs. The compilation follows the success of 2005's Motown Remixed project that brought the label's vintage gems to the electronic dance floor. Along with breaking into the Top 40 of the R/Hip-Hop chart, Motown Remixed hit #2 on the Electronica chart and remained there for months.

Says Motown Remixed Volume 2 executive producer Rich Isaacson: "The Motown Remixed Volume 2 project was an amazing opportunity for some of the most talented producers in Latin Music to pay homage to the legendary Motown artists they each chose to remix. All I had to do was merely mention that each producer had the opportunity to work with these classic recordings and the response was the same for everyone; 'Are you kidding?!' The respect for the Motown sound is profound in the Latin Music community."

Motown Remixed Volume 2 spans styles from the Reggaeton funk of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" (Remixed by Reggaeton super-producer SPK, the mastermind behind the N.O.R.E. smash "Oye Mi Canto") to the all-night Latin House of Marvin Gaye's "I Heard It Through The Grapevine," (remixed by Andres Levin, the GRAMMY-nominated founder and producer of Yerba Buena). Dennis Edwards and Seidah Garrett's "Don't Look Any Further" gets a Brazilian makeover from Cliff Cristofaro (DJ Uflow), member of the critically acclaimed New York-based collective Si*Se. "Shotgun" by Jr. Walker The All Stars get remixed by DJ Afro who produces the Venezuelan synth pop masters Los Amigos Invisibles. And Smokey Robinson's "Being With You" now features his rarely heard Spanish vocals.