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The Motet and Fareed Haque Launch S.O.B.’s New Global Jams Series
Published April 6, 2007

Monday April 23rd marks the beginning of S.O.B.’s new Global Jams series, which features American musicians who have been influenced by music through the world.

Monday April 23rd, S.O.B.’s kicks off a brand new series called Global Jams with improvisational music visionaries, The Motet and guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque of the jam super-group Garaj Mahal. Jam bands, whose roots are in African musical traditions, are not new to S.O.B.’s. We introduced New York City to artists like King Sunny Ade and the late Fela Kuti, who were known for their 4-hour sets of spontaneous jams, similar to The Grateful Dead or Phish. Now, S.O.B.’s opens its doors to the American musicians who have been influenced by these legends, staying true to our roots in international music, but incorporating the musical interpretations of artists here in the United States.

The Motet, using the rich musical landscape of Boulder, Colorado as their muse, is a world-class ensemble that whips audiences into a whirling frenzy using sheer impromptu force. Their natural textured rhythms and hard-driving beats create a repertoire between themselves and the audiences that is rarely seen in today's manufactured rock. The Motet consecrates the ground on which dance music meets free-form improvisation, allowing a diverse audience to become immersed in their eclectic sound.

Fareed Haque defines guitar virtuoso. Enjoying a career that runs the gamut of musical styles, Fareed’s versatility and ability to move between jazz and classical guitar has led him to perform and record with a range of prominent artists from Medeski, Martin & Wood to Sting. Born in 1963 to Pakistani father and Chilean mother, extensive travels, especially long stays in Spain, France, Iran, Pakistan and Chile, exposed Haque to different musics from a very early age. This natural eclecticism has become the hallmark of Fareed's music. In 2001, Fareed co-founded Garaj Mahal and since has become a staple of the 'Jamband' scene and was voted 'Most Valuable Player' at the 2002 High Sierra Music Festival.

When Fareed Haque and The Motet come together on S.O.B.’s stage on April 23rd, the crowd will be on their feet and jamming and S.O.B.’s Global Jams will come to life.