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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America

Suni Paz

By Ernest Barteldes
Published April 3, 2007

Bandera Mia: Songs Of Argentina
Smithsonian Folkways


On this acoustic album, the Argentine singer-composer showcases the diversity of the music of her country, which shares so many common sounds with neighboring Chile, Paraguay and Brazil. “A Un Semejante” (To A Kindred Spirit) is a melodic tango whose slower beat calls for listening instead of hitting the dance floor. The guarania “Iguazú” is an invitation to visit the world-famous falls “if you have friends” or “if you are looking for love.” Listen to “Hastra Otro Dia” (Until Another Day), a beautiful carnavalito in which the charanga interacts with the panflute and six-string guitar, and “Pedro Canoero” (Pedro the Canoe Man), which features a beautiful guitar and harp arrangement that creates perfect harmony between Paz and Rafael Manriquez. The tango “Sueño De Barrilete” (Kite Dream) is a different take on the genre—instead of betrayal and heartbreak, there is the simple story of the flight of a child's kite.