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World Music CD Reviews New Age & Avant Garde

Gurutrang Singh Khalsa

By John Kuhlman
Published April 3, 2007

Yoga Morning
Spirit Voyage

It seems unlikely that many people will pick up this album for purely musical purposes. It's much more likely that anyone in the market for meditational chants is either already a member of the happy, be-snooded group that put it out (followers of Gurutrang Sing Khalsa, Chiropractic and Acupuncture Physician), or simply looking for another aural sedative to add to your musical medicine cabinet. If the former is the case and this set of logy, over-produced, whitebread narco-mantras for male and female voices and acoustic guitar is part of a morning discipline that effectively stimulates your 84 separate meridian points, then more power to you. However, if you’re in the latter category, you’ll almost certainly be happier with another disc—maybe one featuring gently falling rain, bamboo flutes or loon noises mixed with panpipes, as the only noticeable effect this release has is to make time move very, very slowly.