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World Music CD Reviews Europe

Fiamma Fumana

By Marty Lipp
Published April 3, 2007



Listing the “beats per minute” beside each title is the first sign that the Italian group Fiamma Fumana is not for strict purists. The group’s electronic juicing-up of traditional music works better than most, particularly on this, their most consistent album to date. The tunes are all original this time out, but still have a strong Italian character due in part to the piva Emiliana bagpipes that Jessica Lombardi weaves among the synthesized sounds. Strangely enough, lead singer Fiamma is now gone, but she’s been replaced by Lisa Kant, who can and does make the loss seem like no big deal. “Prendi L’Onda,” with its simple acoustic guitar melody, is the likely hit. Onda’s bright, vibrant sound makes this a true pop album, lightly caffeinated and easy to like. The band, which started as a studio experiment, has come into its own, creating music that is both regional and universal.