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Robert Tree Cody And Will Clipman

By Jeff Tamarkin
Published April 3, 2007

Heart Of The Wind: Music For Native American Flute & Drums

There’s nothing going on in Heart Of The Wind except Robert Tree Cody’s Native American flute and Will Clipman’s minimalist drumming, but it’s enough to convey a range of evocative moods. In an unobtrusive Windham Hill sort of way, the pair manages to do a lot with very little. Cody, of Dakota-Maricopa lineage, and the non-Native Clipman, who worked together previously on 1996’s White Buffalo (with keyboardist Rob Wallace), mostly keep it to a whisper but still make their formidable presence known. Call it new age if you like, but while Heart Of The Wind is not an intensive listening experience, neither is it ambient music. For the all-instrumental recording, Cody communicates in often subtle, sometimes more commanding melodic lines, while Clipman provides the percussive coloration and the throb. Highlights: “Totem Dance,” with its playful, airy flute, is one of the livelier numbers, and “Before The Beginning” is positively primal.