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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America

Marcos Valle

By Stacy Meyn
Published March 30, 2007

Dubas Brasil/Planet Rhythm B06908-02

Rio de Janeiro’s Marcos Valle survived the ’60s penning bossa nova hits in Brazil and America. He dabbled in funk and pop, collaborating with artists from Airto Moreira to Chicago. Bossa nova’s “second wave” gave him a boost, as ’90s “drum ’n’ bossa” was born, propelled by acid jazzers. Jet-Samba’s outer packaging boasts “Too Cool Not To Be Hot” and recalls the golden age of commercial aviation. Inner contents groove (think Return To Forever, Azimuth, or Sea Train) with composer/arranger Valle providing vocals, guitar, and Fender Rhodes. Cellist Jaques Morelenbaum guests alongside a full brass ensemble. Named for a Brazilian soap opera, funky “Selva de Pedra” is countered by the Bertami-smooth “Posto 9.” Mainstay “Adams Hotel” is modernized, but doesn’t match up to previous versions. “Bar Inglês” receives a successful acoustic revamp. Instead of tons of improvisation, balladeer Valle ensures Jet-Samba arrives loaded with solid songwriting.