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World Music CD Reviews Europe

Jimmy Sturr

By Ernest Barteldes
Published March 30, 2007

Polka In Paradise

There’s nothing like a decent Polka and a cold beer to give you that Oktoberfest feeling. Veteran bandleader and winner of 15 Grammy awards (of only 20 given in for Polka since 1985), Jimmy Sturr, offers some fine festive moments. Highlights include the instrumental “Monopol” and the playful “Give Me A Kiss (Daj Mi Buzi),” a song that tells of a high-school love affair that went very, very right. Vocalist Louis Nunley, of Elvis’s former backing group the Jordanaires, guests on “Sweet Memories of Yesterday,” a melancholy tune about the inevitability of growing older, and having so many moments left behind you. The title track is not particularly impressive, even with the presence of the legendary Bobby Vinton on lead vocals, but “Roll Out The Barrel One More Time” is an almost perfect drinking song. Listen also to “Zostalem Sam,” a Polish-language song about being abandoned by one’s love.