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National Geographic Acquires 'The Green Guide' Lifestyle Web Site And Publication
Published March 20, 2007

The acquisition is part of National Geographic’s ongoing mission to inspire people to care about the planet.

As part of its ongoing mission to inspire people to care about the planet, National Geographic today announced the acquisition of "The Green Guide," a comprehensive Web site ( and bimonthly newsletter offering practical advice on how to lead a more environmentally sensitive life. The announcement was made by Tim Kelly, president and CEO of National Geographic Ventures (NGV), the taxable subsidiary of the 119-year-old National Geographic Society.

NGV takes on "The Green Guide" as National Geographic expands its efforts to provide the public with meaningful content and valuable information related to the environment. From the National Geographic Channel to National Geographic magazine to, the Society will speak with one voice around the world on critical environmental issues, especially climate change and global warming.

"We want to offer creative and practical ways to protect the planet," said Kelly. "This is a terrific marriage that joins 'The Green Guide's actionable editorial with the deep resources of National Geographic. We believe that, together, we can help make a difference."

"The Green Guide" will publish new and expanded online content. "The Green Guide" online is free to the public and easy to use. It will retain the look and feel of both the print and online original publications while offering a series of new features to consumers:

The critically acclaimed and highly popular National Geographic News, already a leading provider of environmental news, will expand its online coverage in this category to a daily online report.

“The Green Guide," in partnership with National Geographic's award-winning short-form video production unit, will launch several joint initiatives, the first of which will be "Green Homes," a "how-to" series of videos, accessible via and available for download and as podcasts.

"The Green Guide" will have access to National Geographic's abundant editorial assets, including research, video and still images. Since it was founded in 1994 by publisher Wendy Gordon, a former scientist for the Natural Resources Defense Council, "The Green Guide" has been committed to offering the average consumer straightforward answers about environmental issues and their relevance to our daily lives. Over the years, the publication's expert editorial staff has spent countless hours sifting through the latest in environmental news, scientific research and green consumer products - food, household, personal care and more - to help readers separate fact from fiction and false claims from legitimate ones.

"From the start, the goal of 'The Green Guide' was to provide consumers with a trusted, unbiased resource," Gordon said. "Our mission has always been to educate readers, and we see our new position within the National Geographic family as the next logical step in expanding our brand and our mission."