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Linda Ronstadt With Ann Savoy

By Paul-Emile Comeau
Published March 20, 2007

Adieu False Heart

Ann Savoy originally recruited Linda Ronstadt to contribute to Evangeline Made, the Cajun music tribute she produced in 2002, and now the two have reunited for a more extensive collaboration. Joel Savoy (Ann’s son), Dirk Powell, and Sam Broussard imbue at least part of the sessions with a Cajun flavor, alongside several notable non-Cajun musicians such as Sam Bush and Andrea Zonn. Ronstadt and Savoy sing the beautiful title song together, but typically one takes the lead while the other sings harmony. Most of the songs, which were written by Richard Thompson, Julie Miller, Bill Monroe, David Greely, John Jacob Niles and others, have an intimate, mournful quality that’s very engaging. “Walk Away Renee,” a song that has made it up the charts twice, and been beautifully covered by Jimmy LaFave, is the first single, but this version may not be distinctive enough to hit a third time.