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World Music CD Reviews North American

Michele Dominguez Greene

By Ernest Barteldes
Published March 20, 2007

Luna Roja

The immigration debate lies at the heart of this album by this actress/singer, who articulates her position through song. She makes Springsteen's "Across the Border" her own, and laments the difficulties of living on the border with the original "Ciudad Juarez.” On "Piedra Y Libertad," she sings that "the little dove comes tired and dirty knocking on your door,” a clear reference to the plight of immigrants who come to this land searching for a better life. The lyrics on this record may be mostly political, but the rich and fulfilling melodies beat back tedium. The musicians provide an acoustic backing which sounds just right for Greene’s soft but assured voice, and the only weak track is the waltz "Little John," a duet with John Gorka that fails to convince the listener. This is an album that, despite that one feeble moment, deserves one’s full attention from start to finish.